Shipping Policy

Shipping Info :

  • We will shipped the Betta & Tropical fish to Trans-shippers in the USA/EU/ASIA every 2 weeks.

  • Please contact your Trans shipper for information about shipping cost and take the fish.

  • It will take another 7-10 days to get from US Shipping Center to your address, and additional shipping costs may incur or maybe have to  pay extra, Depends on the delivery of the country, But different PLEASE!!!


After you Buy it and payment @ Pay Pal already tell me on indobetta massage

who is Transhipper near you home , for save your fish


Select transhipper from below list :

(You must use transhipper because you don't have license to import living's form (fish).

I can't send fish directly to you, so I send it to transhipper.)

USA Transhipper

1. Edy Tamtama                       USA

2. Joel Fernandez                    Dallas , Texas

3. Tim Adkins                           Ohio            

4. Linda Olson                          Denver , Colorado

5. Koo Yang                              Minisota 

6. Julie Tran                              California

UK Transhipper

- Lisa Bradshaw - Gorleston-On-Sea, Norfolk

EU Transhipper

- Jan SaBmann (Jan's Kampffisch-und Meerwassershop) - Kreuztal Germany.

EU / Italy Transhipper

- Valentina Direnzo / Warawan Plaisanguan

Australia Transhipper

- Jodi-Lea Matheson - Brisbane

Canada Transhipper

- Hung Pham- Mississauga, Ontario

- April Ross

Use transhipper that I've provided in the list search from internet or ask seller and contact him/her by yourself for additional cost (fee) and delivery method.

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